Farm Overview

Maitri is primarily an upcoming fruit orchard. Nearly 18 acres of hillside with dominant plantations of cashew and mango, and sizeable variety built up by coconut, amla, kokum, jamun, jackfruit. We have about 3 acres of fields - where we grow rice, turmeric, banana.

The farm is away from village activity - 1 km from the nearest neighbour, 2 kms from the village and 10 kms from the nearest town. The farm adjoins forest land and gives ample room for being with yourself. Winters are pleasant, Monsoons have heavy rains - beautiful and exciting, Summers are hot and dry but late summers are full of nature's bounty - mangoes, karvand (a berry), kokum, etc.

Our pursuit of sustainability is the key defining feature. Minimal-external-input-farming, animal presence to recycle farm waste, eco friendly construction, cooking on responsibly managed firewood, minimising the use of electrical appliances, no harsh cleaning agents or toileteries. We are not perfect, but we are moving in the right direction.

An open well 40feet by 40feet wide is our source of water for irrigation and drinking. It also makes for a lovely swim in the summers :) 

Prior to the plantation, we have made trenches along the contours of the hillside to ensure minimal soil erosion and to maximise water conservation.

Apart from the usual cats and dogs, we have goats, hens and ducks to help us recycle biomass and provide invaluable manure. The hens and ducks also help control insect life and deter snakes.

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