Friday, 1 January 2016

The Kids LOVED it !

We had been hatching the plot for quite some time ... finally got down to organising a kids camp. And they LOVED it :)

We kept the numbers manageably small. It was a 3 day - 2 night affair, with a trip to the beach thrown in. The feel of a real working farm with farm animals, plenty open spaces, sunshine, blue skies, fresh air, red earth and crystal water proved to be a hit.

We ensured the kids had a short safety talk before we let them loose. This was not only for the kids' safety, but the farm's too ;)

The activities ranged from high octane stuff like exploring the farm, grazing the goats, tree plantation, and the beach visit

to relatively somber - setting up the tents, feeding the animals, camp fire, making a greeting card and bullock cart ride.

The funniest, was the fishing ... the kids were all excited yet it required of them to stay calm ... the longest period of silence they could manage was 30 seconds, and all their talk was in high decibel whispers :)

One of the aims of the camp was to make the kids a bit more independent. So in addition to adjusting to a new environment, we encouraged them to wash their own plates, change clothes on their own, fold their own bedding. We also wove in a short interaction on wise food choices. And the importance of avoiding new fangled chemical products ... in fact it worked so well, that couple of kids later raised objections on seeing a participant's mosquito repellent cream and sunscreen lotion!

There was the high energy mischievous kid who was also the most helpful with errands, the soft spoken petit girl who enjoyed everything, the tomboy, and so on. Looking back, we realise we learnt from every kid - their positivity, their creativity, their unconstrained thinking and behaviour.

Waiting for our next camp ...


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